a creepy tale by Sammy

First of all, I understand that after this, I may be referred to as the woogie-woo-woo gal, but as I was trying to gain inspiration of what to write about, this just popped in my lap. So, I shall begin: (ahem.)

A couple of days ago, my sister called me to tell me that she had moved into a new apartment. I asked her how it was and she told me that it was small but she was very happy. There was only one problem: the building that she lived in was haunted. She went on to say that there were locked carriage houses that people couldn't enter and you could hear footsteps and voices in the halls when no one was around. Okay, now I grant you that one could say that my sister was a little paranoid and she was just being silly. My response was a half-hearted, "oh, that's kinda creepy" and then she said, "you wanna hear something even weirder?" and she began another story. My sister then said that the other day she was with one of her teachers (that she described as fabulously gay) and during a break he told her that he was psychic. Jo-Jo (my sis) being the spitfire that she is, just looked at him and said, "Yeah, right". "No, really I am" he said, to which my sister replied, "then tell me something". The teacher told my sister that she was a Scorpio, but my sister was not impressed, as he could have known her D.O.B., but then he told her, "There's a man sitting next to you". My sister asked, "Who?" and he replied, "It's your mother's father". My sister told him that this was impossible. He then said, "Are you going to tell me that he's not dead? Because I know he is, he is sitting right next to you!". Jo-Jo then explained that our maternal grandfather passed before she was born and therefore, there was no reason why he would be sitting next to her, he was a stranger. "Well, he's not there because of you, he's there because of your mom". He said that he felt like he should stay with her for a while". At this, my sister was a little freaked but curious and said, "Tell me more! Tell me something about myself" and her teacher replied, "You are supposed to be doing what I'm doing". "What does that mean?" Jo-Jo asked, to which he replied, "Actually, I can't say anymore. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you will... but things happen on their own time". At that, my sister went home confused and tried to figure out what the teacher's enigmatic comment meant. "Maybe it means you're supposed to be gay", said her boyfriend. "Maybe!" replied my sis. The next day, they broke-up and my sister has a lovely new roomie named Terry.

After the conversation with my sister, I had to tell my friend Sara, who I was with at the time. Sara then said to me, "Don't you remember how our apartment in Brooklyn was haunted?". I responded, "No". (Sara and I used to live together in Brooklyn, but because of my schedule, I was rarely home). When I asked her to tell me what happened, she said that her bedroom had been haunted. She said that soon after we moved in, weird things started happening. For instance every night, at exactly 11:33pm every night, if Sara was not asleep, her curtains would close themselves... If she was awake and in bed, she would see the curtains literally start to dance down. Then, being the softie missy that she is, Sara keeps two stuffed animals on her bed. One day, when she came home from being away doing a play, her puppy stuffed animal (aptly named "Rover") was sitting there, waiting in her doorway, rather than at his usual place on the bed. At this, Sara was a tad weirded out, but she decided to shrug it off, but soon it would get worse... The situation "escalated" when one night something started hitting her foot in the middle of the night (and I promise it wasn't me), and she told whatever it was to stop but it didn't. The next thing she knew, her bed started shaking, actually more than shaking, her bed started jumping and Sara just tried to close her eyes and let it pass. In the morning, she knew it wasn't a dream when her bed's position was completely askew... Not just moved, but on a diagonal! Sara told me that one night while me and our other roomie named Jen were in the livingroom downstairs, she came down and said, "Hey you guys, do you think that this place may be haunted?" and at that the door opened itself and slammed shut. I didn't remember this fact, but perhaps I blanked it out so that I would be able to sleep at night. At the same time, my friend said that lights kept on blowing out around her. Light bulbs would have to be replaced every other day and one night while walking, she had the creepy realization that every streetlight she walked under would go out and then turn on again when she had passed. Sara told me more stories, but honestly, it just kind of creeps me out and I think I could write a book called "The Haunted Life of Sara". Soon after these events took place, she moved and since she has moved to California nothing weird has happened... whew!!!

Now, to make it even more creepy-mc-creeperson -- I thought about the time when someone that I was very close to passed away, and I saw a ghost. He had been sick for a very long time and one night he walked into my bedroom and waved goodbye... the next day I found out that he passed away during the night. I was a bit shaken up but also thought that I was very lucky. At the wake, I was told that my uncle (the one who passed) had left a message that he would stay with my sister and I and watch over us. Many years later, a friend had taken me to a psychic for my birthday present. I wasn't really into it but was curious. The psychic told me many things and my eyeballs were rolling. Then I said, "How do you know all of this stuff?" and she said that her 'guides' told her. She continued by saying that her 'guides' were like little balls of energy that flew around and read the energies that were filling the air and THAT was where she got her information. Then she said, "For instance YOU have a guardian angel" to which I replied, "Huh?" (Heh. Heh.) She then said, "You know who he is, he told you that he would watch over you and he even came to visit you the night that he passed". At this, I burst out crying (I'm so cool, right?). Anyway, the woman told me more and I didn't know what to think... she knew details, she knew things that she couldn't possibly have known. Creep-o, huh? Years later, I remembered that when I was nine years old I had watched a movie about Harry Houdini and the fact that he kept on trying to contact his deadie mother gave me the willies. We (my uncle, my sister and I) were going on a camping trip and I asked my uncle, "Do you think that you can come back as a ghost?" and his answer to me was, "I'll make you a deal, if there's any way I can, when I die, I'll visit you"... And he did.

After thinking about all of these stories, I got to thinking: I don't really know what I believe in. I mean, even with the weird experience I had, I'm still not sure... but when it comes down to it, I guess I makes sense that the energies of people can hang on. Don't get me wrong, it is a little strange. It makes me feel like I did when I was a kid and my mom told me that God was everywhere and so I would wear a towel taking a bath (hey, I was a kid and come on, people can't tell me that they didn't feel the same way... Okay, maybe I was just a strange little nibblet). There is a comfort in thinking that the people we love still look over us after they have passed. It is an interesting thinking about the strength of what's inside of us, what's not simply physical.

Anyway, even though I may be known as the kooky gal, I thought I would share the stories I heard this week.

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