by Naoya

The title of most things generally gives you a good idea of what you're getting as a consumer. In Star Wars, expect to see a film about people fighting in space. In Phantom of the Opera, there better be a scary guy that sings. But in Lord of the Flies, there's no huge fly with a crown commanding orders. Which leads me to my point--that it's the titles with ambiguous cues that often spark your curiosity and interest. As for myself, I like a title that leaves me in the dark until I discover the meaning through the text or dialogue in a book, movie, or play.

Coming up with a title for our next show wasn't an easy task. For months we held meetings and put the titling aside because we didn't know which scripts we would use in the end. When we finally decided and examined what all the scenes entailed, little bluebirds started chirping outside and a rainbow arched into the room. Then I danced like Kevin Bacon in Footloose.

All of the scripts can be connected somehow to the concept of fire. The first and most obvious is David Lee's Ring of Fire, which features a girl who has the ability to set things on fire when she feels any type of strong emotion. In Edna's Suite by Randall Park, a naïve character tries to reconnect with a lost flame. In Randy's other two scripts, Perfect Storm tells a tale of a sailor and his son who both have flames of passion for their lost mother; and in Seize the Day, an ostrich is fired up by a buddy to rekindle a past relationship...yes, I said ostrich. Finally, in Kathleen Tong's In Clara Veritas, a flamboyant aunt tries to get her subdued niece to communicate, while suffering hot flashes. Ok, maybe we stretched a bit, but it gave the show a concrete thematic fire it was. Now we needed a title.

When I met with producers Dave and Mike to brainstorm a "clever" title, we came up with a list that were pretty much as clever as porn spoof titles...not that I watch a lot of porn...on the weekends. Wanna hear 'em? Here dey go...

Almost Flameous
Flarey Potter
Re-ember the Titans
Flare Bud
Flare Force One
Sparksky and Hutch
Joseph and the Ablazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
The Fire-ates of the Carribean
The Princess Fried
and my personal favorite, Flame!- I Wanna Live Firever.

But alas, we left the titles to win awards in the porn industry. Instead, a couple days later we thought of a particular reference in the show and decided to entitle our next project, A Burning Thing. Now whatever thoughts this may elicit from you, dirty or not, we hope that it'll spark your curiosity and bring you and your friends out to our show.

Copyright 2003, 2004