by Mike

After two years of researching the Internet and practicing at home, I did it -- I finally became a ninja. And man, it's hella sweet, dude.

It goes without saying that chicks really dig ninjas. Ever since the 80s when stars like Michael Dudikoff brought Ninjitsu to the big screen, ninjas have been symbols of awesome sexual prowess.

And now Ninjitsu is making a comeback, what with video games such as Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox and that totally kickass ninja attack scene from The Last Samurai. God damn that scene was sweet. I don't know about you, but I wasn't rooting for Tom Cruise. I was rooting for the Ninjas.

Now is a really good time to be a ninja. Still, certain elements of the media, for whatever twisted-ass reason, are hell-bent on making a total mockery of everything Ninjitsu stands for.

Case in point -- I'm sure you've heard of a certain article titled "Gay or Ninja" that ran last April in a certain national men's magazine.

Man, that article hella pissed me off. When I saw it I tore it out and angrily scanned it into my iMac:

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This article totally relies on old ridiculous stereotypes about ninjas and is like, really out of line.

Plus, ninjas are NOT GAY. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, but ninjas are NOT gay. We're just NOT, dude. I don't know a single gay Ninja. And I know hella ninjas.

It's just another attempt by the non-ninja media to emasculate us. But me and my ninja bros will stand strong. Stay strong, my brothers!

One day everyone will know the WAY OF THE NINJA!

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