I'm EDDIE SHIN. I love Propergander. I’m going to marry it. I love that everyone at PG has their own little pinch of flavor that they throw into this savory melting pot of... spices that… simmers into... okay, I'm totally losing the metaphor. Basically, everyone's freakin’ awesome. I think of them like I think of my own family -- a neverending drain on my patience and my wallet. Just kidding! I would never give them money! But you should! Come take a load off and peep our ridiculous shows! Support the PG posse!! YAY!! After all, when your life is over, you won't be saying,” I wish I spent more time at the office.” You’ll say,” I wish I spent more time with PG.” Either that, or “Why'd I sleep with so-and-so? Dang, so-and-so was nasty!!” Or “I totally should've slept with so-and-so. Now I'm dying. Crap!” Wait...are you thinking about people you should or shouldn't have slept with? You weirdo. You should be thinking about coming out and saying hello.

We’d love to meet you.

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