RANDALL PARK claims to be the number one fan of Miami-based thug rapper Trick Daddy. Randall owns all of Trick Daddy's albums from his early classic "Thugs Are Us" (2001) to his most recent offering "Thug Matrimony: Married To The Streets" (2004). Randall also enjoys listening to Trick's "www.thug.com" (2002) and especially to Trick Daddy's seminal classic album "Book of Thugs: Chapter AK: Verse 47" (2000). But Randall's favorite Trick Daddy album has got to be his 2002 classic "Thug Holiday" (2002). Randall says, "One thing I've always appreciated about Trick Daddy is his consistency. Every song in the Trick Daddy canon is a perfect companion piece for a night of good old fashion mischief. Even when he's rapping about love, he's doing it with a gun in his hand. That's dope. And though I am by no means a "thug", be warned that there is a small part of me that loves trouble! And nobody captures that side of me better than my man Trick." Randall is a playwright, an thespian, and a graduate of UCLA.

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