As a precocious young kid, TIM CHIOU ran away from home early on to feed his curiosity. After wandering around for some time, he eventually found himself in a school led by a harshly disapproving headmaster who liked to show his affections with random outbursts of violence. Tim studied at this school for close to 10 years in his efforts to learn the ways of the world. It was at this school that Tim made thousands and thousands of low quality garments at a sickening pace. Sometimes the headmaster would beat him for failing to make enough t-shirts, even though the safety of Tim's fingers were in question. It was only 2 years after getting expelled from school did he realize that it was no school at all, but in reality a sweatshop in downtown Los Angeles. Fucking Bastards. Currently, Tim enjoys video games, eating Del Taco, and watching television shows by Joss Whedon. Though he has yet to write, direct, or produce for a PG show, he excels at looking very, very awkward.

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